How y'all doing?

I'm Trent Calloway

I’m a UX/UI and visual designer based in Columbus, OH. I’m originally from East Texas and I moved here to pursue my career in UX in 2013. I love the opportunity to talk about the piney woods any chance I get. Give me the opportunity and I will wax poetic about the superiority of East Texas barbecue. I like to make creative choices rooted in User Centered Design, and that exemplify product and brand personality. I like to burn the midnight oil on several side projects, so you can find me most mornings with a coffee or energy drink in hand.

My Career so far

I've gotten to do some interesting jobs, and not just design related ones. From rescuing parrots and cleaning bird cages (my very real first job), to working on UX for chemical suppliers. I love what I do, and if you need someone to design your new app and wrangle your parrots you can count on me. Most recently I worked as a Senior Product Designer at Calcium Health.

Parrot Rescuer
Sign Maker
Visual Designer
Web Designer
Screen Printer
Graphic Artist
Interaction Designer
Volunteer Coordinator

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