Cartend Anywhere

Enterprise UX/UI Design
Project Overview
Mediware (now WellSky) helps care providers obtain, deliver, and distribute infusion products to support infusion therapy in the home. This delivery and distribution process was formerly handled by an outmoded application for windows mobile and palm devices. This software and hardware combo was considered critical to providers, but the devices were expensive and slow, and the software was confusing.
My Contributions
I contributed to this project from initial scope meetings through the early stages of development. As an active participant at our daily stand-ups I stated our daily and weekly designs goals. I planned out work for our associate designer, and built the initial prototypes.
Agile UX Approach
Product request
Initial Scope and Research
‍UCD UX and iteration cycles
UX Testing and Final Design
Stakeholder approval
Ready to build
1 Project Manager
1 UX Lead (Myself)
1 UX Associate
1 Business Analyst
4 Developers
Iniital Scope and Requirements
Responsive Design Wireframes
Initial Prototyping
Final Design