Customer Accounts

E-commerce UX/UI Design
Project Overview
Thirty-One Gifts a direct selling company that offers customizable handbags, totes, and other products. For many years their customers have struggled to make purchases online, where they did not have a dedicated customer account functionality. Instead they relied on their direct selling consultants to keep track of customer purchase history and accounts. The goal of this project was to evaluate customer needs, and business goals and align them with what we traditionally view as customer account. Special consideration needed to be given to handling of consultants.
My Contributions
I was with this project from the very beginning turning our product request and research into our initial wireframes. We struggled with this initially finally coming to a card based solution that we turned into workable prototypes that we tested on customers and consultants. We made some changes based off those results and delivered a finalized design, that was built over 3 months.
Agile UX Approach
Product request
Initial Scope and Research
‍UCD UX and iteration cycles
UX Research
Final Design
Stakeholder approval
Ready to build
1 Project Manager
1 Marketing Manager
1 UX Lead (Myself)
‍1 Business Analyst
3 Developers (contract)
Detail of one of four user flows developed for the project
Early prototyping
UX Research Responses
Finalized Design